We ensure the safety of our children for a better tomorrow
Sunshine Bus Transportation



About Us

    Sunshine Bus Transportation is a family operated business that specializes in public and private school transportation. Safety is our highest priority and we believe that every community deserves safe and professional transportation for their children.
We offer new vehicles that are fully equipped with surveillance and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Our fleet carries up-to-date first aid, fire extinguishers, and safety equipment. Our vehicles undergo thorough maintenance and inspection before they operate in the field.
With over 10 years of experience, our staff are fully trained and licensed in the state of New Jersey.


Service top

Sunshine Bus Transportation offers on time routing to our passengers and parents.  We do our best to ensure that our buses are at their locations on time. We are very selective and are committed to only hire professional drivers who believe in the Sunshine Bus Transportation mission that every passenger deserves a smooth and safe ride.

Activities top

Sunshine Bus Transportation offers transportation for the following activities:
  • field trips (all occasions)
  • Fire house tours
  • Fairs
  • School trips
  • Sporting events trips
  • many more

Sunshine Bus Transportation also offers monthly training courses for our staff such as:
  • Basic Vehicle Inspection (100+ Points)
  • CPR/First AID Certification
  • Accident Prevention Course
  • Child Safety Programs

Safety top

Sunshine Bus Transportation:
  • UL rated fire extinguisher
  • First Aid Kit (medique)
  • Seat Belt Cutters
  • Emergency Triangle Kit
  • Vehicle Daily Inspection
  • Safety Belt Harness
  • VPK Certified

Join Our Team top

Sunshine Bus Transportation is always looking for qualified drivers. We maintain the tradition of hiring safe drivers who are committed to the Sunshine Bus Transportation's core values. If you are at least 21 years of age and you wish to join us for a bright and exciting future, send us an E-mail along with your attached resume to sunshineschoolbus@gmail.com ! You may also call us at (732) 660-8642.


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